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August 2007



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Aug. 12th, 2007

(no subject)

Hiya Livejournal!

I believe I'm doing strangely okay, well, better than okay, really. Heres a breakdown of things I feel need to be said:

-- I have some of the best friends in the world! Its been a struggle through my teenage and early adult life to find people who are honest, sincere people who like me because Im me and not trying to be someone else. My friends have been there for me when my life was really sucking and I think things are finally starting to come together. Thank you especially to the guys in Glass Half Empty and Cove Road, and the small group of tight knit kids who go to the shows, your friendship means a lot to me, enough that I will dance at every goddamn show. The hugest thank you goes to none other than Franny Olsen, for being my best friend no matter what happened, I cant even describe how much good you've brought into my life.

-- I have a crush on a girllllllll, the best part is that shes really pretty, she likes me as much as I like her, and shes sharp as a tack. She even went to the shithole chance with me so I could rock out to Glass Half Empty, despite how much that place sucks and how many people she knew from high school were there. I am not being presumptious, nor am I going to rush this. She is a beautiful, natural person who isnt putting up fronts to win friends/acceptance whatever. I just hope my friends share my opinion of her (Im not going through another "she hates all my friends" relationship, god strike me dead). She left her shirt here and I keep on smelling it because it smells like her... is that bad?

-- Llama and Ram have a new track up! Brb'd is up on myspace for all to listen to (www.myspace.com/offwhitewretch)! Just a reminder, we are opening at the September 2 show in Fishkill, some of the guys from Glass Half Empty are putting on a show in their large backyard and its gonna rock! On the bill, as far as I know are Llama and Ram, Lunch with Beardo, Glass Half Empty, Cove Road and In Anchorage(?). The price is freeeeeeeee so come watch us.

Eh, I have to get to work. thats all for now.

Aug. 1st, 2007

Today Im working on the Fantasy Song

I would like to say for the record of LJ, I now have a kickass roommate by the name of Karin. So far, she has literally gave me the rest of the rent money within 2 hours of it turning august, she traveled extremely light, and she dropped of the most beautiful bong I have ever seen. So needless to say, Karin will probably be my other half until January when she leaves. She's going to be gone most of the time because of this job she got down in NYC stretching canvas. I couldnt ask for a sweeter deal, any more short notice. Did I mention the bong?

I'm pretty sick right now. I have this nasty phlemmy cough and my sinuses are backed up. Being sick, honestly, makes working at stop and shop like building the fucking pyramids. Good thing Im calling in tomorrow.

I realize the foolhardiness of my last post, therefore I will be recanting it. Chasing after a girl, especially a fox like J. Erichsen who is probably the most elusive of my friends at current, is pretty dumb. This is how I usually get myself in for more than I bargained for in trying to see someone. Besides, if something is going happen, its gonna happen.

I ordered something spectacular for Franny Olsens birthday. Probably more unguessable than spectacular, though.

Life is pretty good right now.

Jul. 20th, 2007

Hell or high water

Come Hell or high water, I don't care how long I have to wait or what I have to do, Jessica Erichsen will be my girlfriend.

Jul. 17th, 2007


Oh man LJ, life has been throwing some curveballs at me. Lets start from the top.

The roommate I thought I was going to get was actually a craigslist scam. Long story short, I got all of these emails from "Ashley", a 28 year old interior decorator looking to move to the US. Actually, it was some scumbag trying to get me to launder money for him so I go to jail while he makes off with a bunch of money. Thank god I went to my bank rather than trying to cash it at a western union (like he wanted me to, the "travel agent" who sounded like a scumbag Jamaican on the phone, and Im not even trying to be racist). I am so relieved I didnt lose anything or ended up in jail. Anyway, all of that bullshit wasted about 2 weeks of time I could have been using to find a real roommate. If I cant get a roommate I'm gonna have to either try and hope my landlord will understand my situation or else I have to move out... which I dont want to do. I am finally settled and I really like this place. but yeah, anyway....

I've been working a lot, hoping to god that I can make enough money in the next few weeks to make rent. I had my cable tv shut off to save a few dollars, and Im gonna try and get this cell phone deal taken care of as soon as Im able. I dont need TV, I just got about 25 books for free at the new paltz library sale throwout, so Im good for a while. Besides, I need to read more anyway, to avoid rottage of the brain.

(PS, the white stripes tickets are sooooold, Thank you Steph Williams for supporting my Ryan is a broke ass bitch fund!)

Jul. 11th, 2007


Christ, it is so hot, Im sick of the summer.

So these past couple weeks have been very hermit like for me, got the old stop and shop job back, and I have to say its not nearly half as bad as killing bugs or pushing fertilizer. Im really gonna try and bitch about this job as little as possible; I realize I've been spending the last 5 years bitching about a job, though true it is pretty meaningless, it could always be worse. Anyway, lets get into some personal epiphanies.

Number one, Im going back to school, probably DCC, for MUSIC PRODUCTION. The way I see it is this: Music has been the only thing I've been consistently into, and the happiness I get from making it is something I cant describe. Therefore, its gonna be back to DCC for some intro courses, then to New Paltz for a Bachelors. Honestly, it feels great to finally have a grasp on my life, which up to this point has been like shooting bats without a flashlight. So yeah, finally have a direction. Anyway...

Im supposed to be getting a roommate from the UK, but I must admit, its kind of in the air right now. She contacted me over craigslist and said she sent me a payment on Saturday, but I am yet to receive it. I know it takes a while to send stuff overseas, but Im kind of on pins and needles at this point. Otherwise she seems very nice. Shes 28, an interior decorator, moving to the US because I guess there are no jobs in the UK right now.

Anyway, if anyone needs a place to stay, come live in my small apartment with me! $325 a month, with a little extra for electric and internet. Yeah, had to put that out there.

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